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About Us
We want people that share our values

Why choose us? Do you share our values? If yes, here are a few more reasons why this is the best forensic accounting and valuation practice for you.


Our experts are court-proven and our reports have helped settle numerous disputes and litigated matters. Our track record means we generate enquiries for interesting engagements generating more high-quality experiences.


As a public practice entity regulated by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, we know how to support members of the peak professional accounting bodies from Australia and overseas, in getting the most out of their career via best practice training.


We offered flexible working arrangements well before COVID-19 and we are totally focused on the quality of your outputs.

How many hours you sit at your desk in the office is not what matters to us.


We are all human and we need recovery and we need to enjoy what we are doing and feel fulfilled doing it. We are competitive and we draw fun from the process of competing.


Still interested?

What are we looking for?

We think there are two types of forensic accountants. Those that want to be the nominated ‘expert’ and those that want to help the nominated ‘expert’ be the best. We can use either type of forensic accountant, but we want you to identify the kind of forensic accountant aspire to be.
Given we operate an expert consulting business model, solving complex problems, we are currently looking for the following people willing to work in Melbourne and Brisbane:
Principal – a qualified professional accountant with decades of experience practising in the field of forensic accounting and valuation who has given evidence during a final hearing in court, with a judgment issued or someone with at least 4 years of experience writing reports instructed by numerous lawyers to act as an expert witness.
Associate Principal – a qualified professional accountant with at least a decade of experience practising forensic accounting that is actively pitching to receive instructions to act as an expert witness and has obtained a Public Practice Certificate (or is willing to obtain one).
Senior Manager – a professionally qualified accountant with sound technical skills and experience

What soft skills must I have?

We hire for attitude and develop the rest. You must have a demonstrated ability to communicate in all forms and build strong enduring relationships.

What about the remuneration?

Our performance bonus is explicit, easily quantifiable, and driven around sales and marketing contributions to generate an above-market remuneration for your technical outputs.

I want to be a part of AVG Forensic – what do I do next?

Please send our Practice Manager your CV and your information explaining your suitability for this role.

Why AVG Forensic?
Our clients trust our high-quality expert advice, reports & ability to give credible testimony to achieve fair & sensible resolutions to financial disputes.

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