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AVG Forensic combines our values with the following approach to each forensic accounting and valuation engagement

Step 1: Understand the problem required to be solved

Are we calculating a loss, valuing an asset, assessing the solvency and/or financial health of a business in an entity, establishing facts, and/or addressing causation issues?

Do we have the expertise to answer the question asked, and do we need to rely on other experts to provide for us to provide an expert opinion?

Will a third party (e.g. a court) likely decide the outcome for the parties and if so, what relevant court standards would apply (e.g. Federal or State, e.g. Supreme Court of NSW, Supreme Court of Victoria, Supreme Court Queensland, Supreme Court of South Australia, Supreme Court of Western Australia (FCA code applies), Supreme Court of Tasmania, Supreme Court Northern Territory or Supreme Court of Australian Capital Territory).

Step 2: Develop a hypothesis and case plan

Based on the client briefing, our past experience and our expert training and knowledge, what do we think might be the answer(s) to the question(s)? What are the potential limitations, weaknesses and likely challenges to our opinions? What timeframe is required to deliver our work?

Step 3: Gather the evidence

What facts and evidence do we need to gather to address the question? What discovery has been made and is additional discovery needed? Do court forensic tools such as notice to produce and/or subpoena need to be used? What lay evidence is necessary to support assumptions critical to the opinions?

Step 4: Investigation and analysis of evidence

What method is suitable for capturing, cleansing and analysing big data? How can the results be interpreted for non-financially literate people to understand? Are our findings consistent with our hypothesis, and if not, is there a good reason for this?

Step 5: Deliver the expert opinion

This is ultimately what our clients pay for.  We strive to deliver the expert opinion(s) in a clear and fully rationalised report, prepared to the standard that it would be fully admissible as expert evidence in a court or be highly credible for use in another dispute resolution forum.

We prepare, prepare and prepare to be cross-examined in court on every detail.

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Our clients trust our high-quality expert advice, reports & ability to give credible testimony to achieve fair & sensible resolutions to financial disputes.

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