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About Us

Our Core Values

High-Value Character

Honesty and professionalism underpin all our work.

We strive for continuous self-improvement.  In addition to being at the forefront of professional development, we strongly believe that building emotional intelligence is essential to success.  We are humans and we cannot compartmentalise our personal life from our professional work – we strive for consistency and harmony in both areas.


We pride ourselves on providing clear communication and striving to convert complex and seemingly impenetrable factual issues into simple explanations that anyone can understand.


We seek to continually grow our subject matter expertise and strive to become the ‘go-to expert’ in our knowledge area.

Tenacious and Resilient

We work to keep going until the job is completed to the highest standards.  We understand that working in the field of disputes and litigation is stressful and the adverse party will likely not make things easy.  Instructing lawyers also face pressure to appease their clients and win cases and can face obstacles in long-running litigation.   We will not weary and we won’t let setbacks deter us from delivering first-class service and key deliverables.

Independence and Objectivity

We are not afraid to say what clients need to hear, not what they want to hear. We stand by our convictions and put ultimate importance on our independence and being objective in all of our work.  This means we have to adopt an enquiring mind and ask pointed questions and not just accept what we are told without considering the evidence.

We believe our core values are the driver for achieving a fair and sensible resolution to any financial dispute.

We combine the above Core Values, with Our Approach, to every forensic accounting and valuation engagement

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Why AVG Forensic?
Our clients trust our high-quality expert advice, reports & ability to give credible testimony to achieve fair & sensible resolutions to financial disputes.

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