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Australian Legal Services Industry - Spotlight On Administrative, Constitutional & Other Services

According to IBISWorld[1], Administrative, Constitutional & Other services accounts for 16.3% of the Australian Legal Services Industry.

What is the Administrative, Constitutional & Other services sector?

This segment includes work related to government administration, the constitution, tribunals and other fields of law, such as environmental law.

The main market for these services is corporate clients dealing with government departments and agencies. Some larger industry firms also provide advisory services to government departments, agencies and statutory authorities regarding forming and implementing government regulations.

What drives demand for Administrative, Constitutional & Other services?

Finance and insurance companies require a range of legal advice including advice related to regulatory compliance, as government authorities heavily regulate financial and insurance services firms. Demand from financial and insurance services is expected to slightly decrease over 2018-19.

What is the current performance of the Administrative, Constitutional & Other services sector?

This segment has slightly declined as a share of industry revenue over the past five years, as government departments have increasingly been using in-house legal teams.

[1] The information is reproduced from an IBISWorld Industry Report M6931 Legal Services in Australia released in February 2019 and authored by Kim Do.

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