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‘Capitalisation Rates’ And ‘discount Rates’ Used In Valuations & Claims For Loss Of Profit As Part Of Damages Or Compensation

What lawers need to know!

Capitalisation rates & discount rates are specific valuation terms that factor in ‘risk’ which attaches to the cashflows or profits relating to the subject business or asset to be valued or to be included in a claim for loss of profits forming part of a claim for damages or compensation.

Lawyers are accustomed to reviewing expert reports prepared by expert valuation and loss quantification professionals often containing what appears to be ‘boiler plate’ drafting on esoteric concepts, which can be confusing to the reader.  Rather than hope that the court will prefer your expert’s opinions, over your adversary’s expert opinion, on the relevant capitalisation rate or discount rate that should be applied, we have provided a comprehensive presentation to arm you with the relevant need to know information.  This presentation (downloadable in PDF here) covers rather technical concepts that are often a result in a significant difference in quantum between opposing experts.

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