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Family Law

Family law articles would be most relevant to family lawyers and parties involved in divorce. Topic areas include finding hidden assets, challenging business valuations, value to owner and property settlements.

How To Challenge Valuation Reports Prepared For Family Law Purposes

A significant part of AVG Forensic’s work involves reviewing valuation reports prepared by other firms and finding one or more justifiable ways to have these valuation reports set aside.

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Finding Hidden Assets In Family Law Matters

Approximately over half of our inquiries involve a lack of full and frank disclosure by one of the parties and therefore the disputes cannot resolve. We have a systematic approach to identify hidden assets and have them valued in the asset pool.

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Valuation Essentials For Family Lawyers

We outline the key takeaways from the May 2019 American Family Law Conference, which are relevant to family lawyers in Australia.

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Spotlight on Personal Legal, Family Law and Industrial Relations Legal Services sector

We put our forensic spotlight on the Personal Legal, Family Law and Industrial Relations sector investigating what drives demand in this sector and how it is currently performing.

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