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Forensic Accounting

Articles covering topics such as creative accounting, fraud, the Australian legal system, expert evidence and more.

Valuation of intangible assets – cryptocurrencies

This paper is intended to provide guidance to those interested in valuation of cryptocurrencies, being a new type of intangible asset.

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‘Capitalisation rates’ and ‘discount rates’ used in valuations & claims for loss of profit as part of damages or compensation

Rather than hope that the court will prefer your expert’s opinions, over your adversary’s expert opinion, on the relevant capitalisation rate or discount rate that should be applied, we have provided a comprehensive presentation to arm lawyers with the relevant need to know information on this vexed and technical topic.

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CA Forensic Accounting Specialist triumphs in a shareholder oppression matter

AVG Forensic was engaged in early June 2019 to provide covert forensic accounting investigations of a finance director (and founding shareholder) suspected of fraudulent behaviour. These investigations revealed financial results manipulation spanning numerous financial years and significant unauthorised payments by the company at the benefit of this finance director and shareholder. A mutual arrangement was reached between the 2 company directors whereby the finance director resigned from the company at the end of June 2019. The nature of the dispute from this point in time, was that this former director and company shareholder, sought an unreasonably high amount in consideration for the value of his shares in this company.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods

What is ADR, different types of ADR practitioners, advantages of ADR.

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Spotlight on Commercial Law Services Sector

We put our forensic spotlight on the Commercial Law Services sector investigating what drives demand in this sector and how it is currently performing.

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Spotlight on the Property Law sector

We put our forensic spotlight on the Property Law Services sector investigating what drives demand in this sector and how it is currently performing.

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Spotlight on Personal Legal, Family Law and Industrial Relations Legal Services sector

We put our forensic spotlight on the Personal Legal, Family Law and Industrial Relations sector investigating what drives demand in this sector and how it is currently performing.

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Structure and key characteristics of the Australian Legal System

We break down the characteristics that make up the Australian Legal System which provides the context and framework for AVG Forensic

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What is Creative Accounting, Sloppy Accounting and Fraudulent Accounting?

We discuss creative accounting, sloppy accounting and fraudulent accounting in the context of financial reporting for a company (or group of entities) operating a business

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Assessing the financial viability of a business and solvency of a company

There is no one determinative factor which determines whether a business is a financially viable and whether a company is insolvent. This article addresses all the factors which need to be considered.

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Overview of the different Valuation Approaches

Why rules of thumb don’t cut it!
In providing a valuation opinion, whether it relates to the value of a business, intellectual property right, intangible or tangible asset, there are three broad valuation approaches which can be adopted being:

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Top 7 Problems with Valuation Reports

Attacking the messenger and the message!
The practice of preparing valuation reports is well established in Australia. Despite the prevalence of numbers and calculations in a valuation report, valuation practitioners come from a variety of different backgrounds, which are not limited to those with an accounting and/or finance background. This has led to a haphazard and ad-hoc approach to setting quality standards across the body of valuation work in Australia.

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Forensic Accountant or Business Valuer? What’s the difference?

How does a Forensic Accountant with valuation expertise differ from a Business Valuer?
The field of forensic accounting, while niche, encompasses a broad range of skills sets. The ‘forensic’ part of the job relates to court work, therefore we are providing accounting expertise for potential use in a court.

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Patent Infringement – Account of Profits or Damages?

The relative merits of pursuing an Account of Profits or Damages
Registering a patent in respect of a product is designed to provide some competitive advantage to the innovator to deter a competitor entering the market and selling a ‘copycat’ product. However, a registered patent does not guarantee competitive advantage as the following scenarios may arise.

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Estimating Damages in Shareholder Class Actions

Directors’ breach of ASX listing rules on continuous disclosure
The obligations on directors to keep the market fully and accurately informed on a timely basis, directors attempting to positively influence the company’s listed price, the courts acceptance of litigation funding, and increasing vigilance by shareholders and plaintiff law firms in respect of directors’ disclosures have all contributed to the rise of shareholder class actions in Australia.

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