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Business Valuation

These articles would be of interest to professional advisers such as lawyers and accountants as well as business owners. Topics include valuing businesses, intellectual property and intangible assets.

Is Valuation more Art than Science?

Our forensic accounting and valuation experts answers this question. Put simply, we think this is the wrong question to ask.

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Finding Hidden Assets In Family Law Matters

We have a systematic approach to identify hidden assets and have them valued in the asset pool.

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Valuation Essentials For Family Lawyers

Key takeaways from the May 2019 American Family Law Conference, which are relevant to family lawyers in Australia.

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Goodwill Hunting

The High Court of Australia’s decision in Commissioner of State Revenue v Placer Dome Inc (now an amalgamated entity named Barrick Gold Corporation) [2018] HCA 59 addresses the legal meaning of ‘goodwill’ and applies it to a tax matter involving a mining company

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Assessing the financial viability of a business and solvency of a company

There is no one determinative factor which determines whether a business is a financially viable and whether a company is insolvent. This article addresses all the factors which need to be considered.

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Overview of the different Valuation Approaches

Why rules of thumb don’t cut it!
In providing a valuation opinion, whether it relates to the value of a business, intellectual property right, intangible or tangible asset, there are three broad valuation approaches which can be adopted being:

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Top 7 Problems with Valuation Reports

Attacking the messenger and the message!
The practice of preparing valuation reports is well established in Australia. Despite the prevalence of numbers and calculations in a valuation report, valuation practitioners come from a variety of different backgrounds, which are not limited to those with an accounting and/or finance background. This has led to a haphazard and ad-hoc approach to setting quality standards across the body of valuation work in Australia.

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Forensic Accountant or Business Valuer? What’s the difference?

How does a Forensic Accountant with valuation expertise differ from a Business Valuer?
The field of forensic accounting, while niche, encompasses a broad range of skills sets. The ‘forensic’ part of the job relates to court work, therefore we are providing accounting expertise for potential use in a court.

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