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Our Expertise

Key Areas of Expertise

Commercial Disputes & Litigation

AVG Forensic is regularly involved in wide-ranging commercial disputes & litigation taking instructions from solicitors representing defendants and plaintiffs.

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Compulsory Acquisition of Land (impacting businesses seeking compensation)

AVG Forensic is highly experienced in quantifying entitlements to compensation impacting businesses that have been affected by acquiring authorities seeking to acquire land, whether by formal compulsory acquisition or via commercial negotiation.  We have taken instructions from those representing business interests and those representing acquiring authorities.

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Valuations of Intangible Assets & Going Concerns (business valuation) including the valuation of intellectual property rights and part-ownership interests.

AVG Forensic specialises in valuing intangible assets and going concerns (businesses), including intellectual property rights and part ownership interests (in legal structures).

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What our clients say about working with our expert:

“Adam is extremely detailed, which is of course quite important for a forensic accountant. He is an experienced expert who understands his duties to the Court. What really impressed me was his honesty and candid views, always focused on getting to the right answer, not necessarily just saying what we want to hear. Working with Adam was a pleasure and I highly recommend him.”

Tom Heading, Partner, Pinsent Masons | Construction Disputes | Infrastructure & Energy Projects



Email us to clear conflicts and check our expert’s availability to provide forensic accounting and/or valuation assistance in your matter:

Clear conflicts & check availability

In some situations, when we do not possess the right expertise for the opinion required, we may be able to help lawyers identify the right expert.  We often refer lawyers to ExpertsDirect and support their training courses on expert witness reports and court skills.

Why AVG Forensic?
Our clients trust our high-quality expert advice, reports & ability to give credible testimony to achieve fair & sensible resolutions to financial disputes.

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