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Commercial Disputes & Litigation – Our Experience

Keeping one step ahead of the adversary in commercial disputes and litigation is key to resolving the quantum in dispute in your favour. 

We act on instructions from lawyers representing business interests, insurance companies, individuals and government authorities requiring forensic accounting and valuation services.

AVG Forensic offers expert opinions on:

  • Damages, account of profits, equitable compensation and consequential economic loss
  • Valuations of intangible assets, intellectual property and businesses
  • Solvency or financial viability of business
  • Financial irregularities and compliance with disclosed accounting policies and relevant financial frameworks
  • Professional negligence and breaches of corporations law involving accountants and financial planners

We have presented expert evidence in the Federal Court of Australia, Supreme Courts of NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, the County Court of Victoria and Land & Environment Court in NSW.  We also have deep financial investigative experience in disputed wills, insurance & insolvency related disputes and litigation.

AVG Forensic’s expert advice and expert reports typically result in the parties to the litigation proceedings reaching a settlement. 

We do and can attend mediation to explain and present our expert findings.


AVG Forensic provide clear and high quality forensic accounting and business valuation services which can be relied upon for the purpose of assisting in the resolution of commercial disputes and litigation.  We adopt a systematic process based on years of experience. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.


How we help
We deliver high quality expert advice and reports on forensic accounting and business valuation issues.

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