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Divorce & Family Law – Our Experience

AVG Forensic can assist in the investigation, valuation and division of matrimonial property for family law purposes. We are experts in valuing businesses and legal entities filled with assets of all kinds. Applying our vast investigative experience, we can also trace transactions and funds to seek out hidden assets from the matrimonial asset pool and advise on division of property in family law settlements.

Family Law Single-Jointly Appointed Expert Services

Our Principal has acted as a single-joint expert in family law matters and given evidence in the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Family Law Shadow Expert Services

AVG Forensic regularly acts as a shadow expert and independent expert around the following issues:

  • Obtaining full and frank disclosure around assets and financial resources to be  included in the family law financial statements via asset tracing click here for more information on Finding Hidden Assets;
  • Reviewing and analysing expert business valuation reports prepared by other  firms and preparation of expert valuation reports with a differing opinion with explanation as to reasons in the difference in opinions – click here for more information on Challenging Valuation Reports; and
  • Assisting in considering and quantifying the after-tax effect following division of assets under various scenarios.

Family Law Alternate Dispute Resolution Services

Our Principal is also experienced in assisting parties involved in a relationship breakdown to resolve disputes via alternative dispute resolution.


For more detailed information on Family Law Property Settlements, please click –  Family Law Property Settlements


AVG Forensic provide clear and high quality forensic accounting and business valuation services which can be relied on for the purpose of achieving a family law property settlement.  We adopt a systematic process based on years of experience. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.



How we help
We deliver high quality expert advice and reports on forensic accounting and business valuation issues.

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